Raymond J. Busch, Ltd CPA
Serving Businesses for over 40 years!



Current and prospective clients,

On August 28th, 2013 Halikias & Company was sold to a longtime friend and colleague of Jim Hilikias, Raymond J. Busch. Ray is a Certified Public Accountant and former IRS agent with over 40 years of experience.

Although there has been a change in Management, the staff that you have grown familiar with in Naperville has been retained and your existing relationships with them are encouraged to continue. Our office should be contacting you soon with information on how to update your current client information. Please do not hesitate to call and talk to Ray or set up an appointment!

Raymond J. Busch Ltd., CPA is now serving its clients from 2 locations.

               Main Office                                                                     Naperville Office

               13011 S. 104th Ave., Ste 200                                        1560 Wall St., Ste 104

               Palos Park, IL 60464                                                       Naperville, IL 60563

               Phone: (708) 361-3700                                                   Phone: (630) 978-8111

               Fax: (708) 361-3707                                                        Fax: (630) 978-8339            

               Email: BuschCPA@hotmail.com


Clients can access their existing netclient portals through our website @ BUSCHCPA.COMIf you need a portal set up, or have trouble accessing your portal, call Cathy Glenn at (708) 361-3700, ext. 29.

We look forward to working with all of you!